Kol Hope Foundation for Children is a Canadian charitable organization that provides support to children born with disabilities and chromosomal disorders. In Canada alone, over 180,000 children aged 5 to 14 are born with a disability. And many of them are born with Trisomy-related disabilities. The most common is Trisomy 21 better known as Down Syndrome.

Who is Kol?

Kol Hope Foundation for Children is named after Kol, a Filipino-Canadian boy, who was born with Trisomy 13, a fatal genetic syndrome. Kol was diagnosed to live only three months, but against all odds, he lived for 14 years. He was fed by g-tube, required life support, 24 hour nursing care, and was wheelchair bound. Kol wasn’t able to talk but he had the biggest voice and smile which resonated with people all around the world. He passed away on Oct 9, 2011, and has left behind an incredible legacy of love, courage and hope. He is the story and inspiration behind Kol Hope Foundation for Children.

What is the mission of the Kol Hope Foundation?

Our mission is simple - to show our love, compassion, care and support for all children with disabilities. We are committed to helping kids by improving their quality of life and giving them hope and strength for a better tomorrow.

Kol Hope Foundation provides support children with disabilities in Canada and around the world. Our Main beneficiaries in Canada are Sick Kids, Easter Seals and World Vision.

Kol Hope Fund @ Sick Kids supports the genetic department and the valuable work they do in unravelling the mysteries of genetic disorders and ultimately in finding effective treatment and cures. In fact, Kol Hope has helped fund Sick Kids Genetics Clinic, which provides children with disabilities with the best care.

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Kol Hope Fund @ Easter Seals provides children with disabilities with the most basic needs like wheelchairs and respite care, plus it also gives kids the opportunity to go and enjoy summer camps.

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Kol Hope Fund @ World Vision was created in June 2013 to specifically help children with disabilities and to devote its fundraising efforts to World Vision’s disability inclusion work. Disabled children are among the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children. They are the most neglected, stigmatized, the hardest to reach, and the children who are often left behind.

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Our main beneficiaries in the Philippines are the Bacolod Boys Home, the Holy Infant Nursery Home, and St. Martin Des Porres, which are special homes and schools that help care for children who are born with disabilities, abandoned, neglected, and orphaned.

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